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To maintain close links with each other and create a progressive society the family based in the United Kingdom have formed a society called Pun Magar Samaj UK.

1. Name of the Samaj is Pun Magar Samaj UK.

2. This samaj is officially announced established on 01 January 2014 at Northolt, London.

3. The Samaj is an independent, purely a non-political and non-profit organization.

4. The Samaj has no official postal address but may contact the President or Secretary on any matter regarding the Samaj.

5. Definitions: Unless and otherwise stated specifically in this constitution the following terminologies defined as shown:


As the time passed by and after retirement especially from the British army as ex British Gurkha Soldier and None Laure Bharti hunu birseko; initially we GURKHAS BRITISH LAHURE started settling down in different parts of the world including the United Kingdom in small numbers. Very few knew each other but still they have been helping one another voluntarily to ease their day to day life without any organisation or community since 2001.Migration process is continuing. A large number of Gurkhas Lahure are living or working in England and its surrounding areas. We felt it necessary to form some sort of organisational association in order to maintain close link with one another thus, enhancing progressive society, preserve Pun multicultural tradition and pay due respect without hindering one another’s lifestyle.

Pun Magar Samaj UK was established on 01 January 2014 at Harrow Borough Football club & Serviceman Club South Earlsmead Carlon Avenue South Harrow HA2 8SS. on the day eighteen distinguished persons were nominated as Committee members under the Chairmanship of Mr Bill Purja Pun Magar The Pun Magar Samaj UK is a non-profitable, non-political and secular organization. It has been officially registered in United Kingdom.


Following are the founding members at the Pun Magar Samaj UK:

Mr Manbir Paija Pun Magar, Mr Bill Purja Pun Magar, Mr Tej Ramjali Pun Magar, Mr Man Bahadur PunMagar, Mr Bal Bahadur Purja Pun Magar, Mr Harka Bahadur Khorja Pun Magar, Mr Lalit Bahadur Garbuja Pun Magar, Mr Bhim Bahadur Chochangi Pun Magar, Mr Tul Chandra Tilija Pun Magar, Mr Hari Prasad Phagami Pun Magar, Mr Krishna Tilija Pun Magar.


The Association shall be called “ Pun Magar Samaj UK”


Any Correspondence to the Association is to be send to the following address which is the Residence house of the Chairman.

Chairman Mr Bill Purja Pun Magar

408 Eastcote Land

South Harrow




The Association shall have its Logo and name engraved in legible character upon the seal. The seal shall be in the custody of the secretary or such official as the committee appoints and shall be used only under the authority of a resolution of the committee. The seal can only be attested by the chairman and by the secretary for the chairman on his authority.


The aim and objective of this organization are as follow:

1. To celebrate Pun Magar festival (Date of Birth Pun Magar) once a year, which falls in June or July every year?

2. To preserve the culture, language, scripture and history for the upcoming Pun generation living in the United Kingdom.

3. To organise get-together function in summer which will be held on 10th Saturday of August each year?

4. To provide support and strengthen Pun Magr families residing within living in the United Kingdom and its surrounding areas and give all the vital help as and when necessary.

5. To promote unity amongst all Pun Magar brethren residing within the United Kingdom and its surrounding areas.


7.1 Membership of the organisation shall be open to everyone above the age of 18 from Pun Magar origin. Those who fulfil the criteria as described in chapter 6 shall be eligible to be a member of the organisation.

7.2 There shall be four types of membership: in this organisation which are as follow:

a. Ordinary Member:

Any person who has fulfilled the condition mentioned under paragraph 7.1 will be qualified to be a general member by paying appropriate fee as stated under paragraph 7.3.

b. Founding Member:

The person who founded the organisation as stated in chapter two will be a founding member of the organisation.

7.3 The Membership fees shall be as follow:

a. Ordinary Member- The registration fee shall be £25.00, per member. The annual subscription fee shall be £00 per member. Registration fee shall be payable at one time.

Note: However, the fees for general membership may be reviewed and changes can be made if the Executive Committee members agree or by the head set team. The amended fees should be approved at the Annual General Meeting (AGM)

7.4 Payment due:

a. The fee for the membership become due as soon as the applicant is admitted to the membership and subsequently on annual basis during the financial year.

b. All members of the organisation must settle the subscription/contribution fee within three months. If the member fails to pay, the treasurer should give written notification to such individuals. The treasurer shall wait for another three months , if the member still fails to pay, then the treasurer should raise the point in the committee meeting and the committee decision will be final for ceasing to exist from an active membership.

c. When a member withdraws voluntarily from membership or is dismissed from the organisation as stated under paragraph 7.6, all fees and subscriptions paid by him/her will be refunded.

7.5 Duties of a Member:

a. A Member shall not do anything harmful to the organisation and fellow members.

b. A member shall pay all subscription fees that are due in time.

c. A member shall follow and act according to organisation rules (constitution) on all matter related to the organisation.

d. Any member who is not satisfied with the business of the organisation must forward his/her complaint to the executive committee in writing or the member should raise the point at the Annual General Meeting.

e. All Members should update and notify executive committee of Pun Magar Samaj UK if there is any change in existing contact address, telephone number or email address.

7.6 Cessation of Membership:

7.6.1 The executive committee will have authority to strip down full members from their membership within one month notice.

7.6.2 A member shall cease to be a member by following reasons.

a. By non- payment of subscription/fees in time.

b. By written resignation.

c. Upon death/mental incapacity:

d. By expulsion, if a member does not act or behave within the rules of this constitution and does anything harmful to or against the Pun Magar society (Association) and there is proof.

Note: Any member wishing to voluntarily resign must send a written letter to the secretary and have his/her resignation formally accepted by the Committee.

7.7 Procedure of issuing and applying for membership:

a. Application for membership is to be made on a standard form produced and issued by the Committee or through the website of the organisation.

b. The executive committee shall decide whether to grant membership of the organisation to the applicant on receiving the application with appropriate fees.

c. If there is refusal of any application for membership, the organisation must inform the applicant in writing about the reasons for refusal within twenty-one days of the decision.

d. The Committee must keep a register of names and addresses of the members which must be made available to any member upon request.


The structure of the Executive committee will consist of the following posts in order to carry out the objectives.

8.1 Composition of Executive Committee:

a. 01 x Chairman

b. 01 x Vice chairman

c. 01 x Secretary

d. 01 x Assistant secretary

e. 01 x Treasure

f. 01 x Assistant treasurer

g. 07 x Committee Members

h.03 x Advisers

i. 05 x Trustees body

j. Ladies Committee (Amaa Samuha)

8.2 Composition of Headset Team:

a. Chairman

b. Vice chairman

c. Secretary

d. Vice secretary

e. Treasurer

f. Vice treasurer

8.3 Composition of Trustees body:

a. Chairman

b. Secretary

c. Treasurer

d. 2 x Advisor

8.4 The maximum length of tour:

For the Composition of Executive Committee will be for three years unless extended during the Annual General Meeting by two third votes.

8.5 The Chairman:

Of the Committee will become advisor automatically after leaving his/her post, if interested.7

8.6 The Members within the Executive committee must attend at least two meeting through Pun Magar Samaj UK.

9. Committee, Committee Members and Area Representative:

A committee will be formed in order to administer, manage and monitor activities of the Pun Magar Samaj UK.

a. The committee will consist of a President, a Secretary, a Treasure and Area Members .The Area Members are representative of members of specific areas.

b. Tenure of committee members will be of three years. Tenure of members may be extended in the event of non-availability of any candidate for the post or extension of tenure of the current incumbent is deemed necessary. Extension of tenure of the members will be discussed in committee meeting.

c. All committee members will be democratically elected by the members.

d. A committee member will be elected only from Full Members.

e. Advisory committee members may be nominated considering their experience, dedication and knowledge among the dedicated members.

10. Frequency of Committee meeting and Annual General meeting:

a. Committee meeting is to be held every three months; however early meeting can be called off by the President in consultation with committee members.

b. Annual General Meeting will be held once a year. Date will be confirmed in a committee meeting.

11. Responsibilities of Committee Members:

a. President

i. Chair the meetings of Samaj.

ii. Call all meetings

iii. Represent Samaj in officially invited functions

b. Vice President

i. To assist the President.

ii. To exercise the power and duty in absence of the President for any reason.

iii. To attend all meetings of the Samaj

c. Secretary

i. Call meetings as directed by the President.

ii. Preparation of agenda for the meeting and to take minutes.

iii. Handling of all correspondence of Samaj.

iv. Collect and maintain membership records.

v. Advise the President on policy matter of Samaj.

d. Assistant Secretary

i. To assist Secretary to carry out duties.

ii. To exercise duties and responsibilities in absence of Secretary.


i. Opening of bank account in the name of Samaj.

ii. Collection and maintenance of membership premium.

iii. Collection and maintenance of funds.

iv. Maintenance of income and expenditure balance sheet.

v. Preparation of financial report for annual audit. vi. Report final financial report to Annual g.

vii. Report the financial statement in the committee meetings.

viii. Advise the President on financial matters of Samaj.

ix. Treasurer is authorized to use up to £500 from the fund to only functions authorized in committee meeting, and all expenses must be supported by vouchers.

f. Assistant Treasurer

i. To Assist Treasurer to carry out the duties.

ii. To exercise duties and responsibilities in absence of the Treasurer.

g. Advisory Committee Members

i. To attend all Committee meetings of the Samaj.

ii. Advise Committee members and members on Samaj policy and implementation.


Headset Team:

Mr Bill Purja Pun Magar (Chairman)

Mr Rag Prasad Purja Pun Magar (Vice Chairman)

Mr Tej Ramjali Pun Magar (Secretary)

Mr Tul Chandra Tilaja Pun Magar (Assistance Secretary)

Mr Lalit Garbuja Pun Magar (Treasurer)

Mrs Anjana Pun Magar (Assistance Treasurer)

Committee Members:

Mr Anga Bahadur Garbuja Pun Magar

Mr Indraman Khorja Pun Magar

Mr Chitra Bahadur Garbuja Pun Magar

Mr Amrit Garbuja Pun Magar

Mr Chandra Ram Khorja Pun Magar

Mr Hari Prasad Phagami Pun Magar

Mr Gan Bahadur Tilija Pun Magar

Advisor Body:

Rtd Capt DCM,Mr Bir Bahadur Paija Pun Magar

Mr Man Bahadur Pun Magar

Mr Khar Bahadur Garbuja Pun Magar

Trustee Body:

Chairman : Mr Bill Purja Pun Magar

Secretary : Mr Tej Ramjali Pun Magar

Treasures: Mr Lalit Bahadur Garbuja Pun Magar

Advisor : Mr Man Bahadur Pun Magar Magar

Advisor : Mr Khar Bahadur Garbuja Pun Magar

Ladies Committee Members (Amaa Samuha):

Chairman : Mrs Ambu Pun Magar

Secretary : Miss Manu Garbuja Pun Magar

Treasurer : Mrs Anjana Pahare Pun Magar

Assistance Treasurer : Mrs Balika Tilija Pun Magar

Member : Mrs Maya Devi Garbuja Pun Magar

Member : Mrs Min Kumari Purja Pun Magar

Member : Mrs Dil Kumari Pun Magar

Member : Mrs Parbati Pun Magar

Member : Mrs Purna Maya Ramjali Pun Magar

Member : Mrs Tirtha Kumari Tilija Pun Magar

Member : Mrs Bimala Garbuja Pun Magar

"जये पुन मगर समाज यु के"

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